So nice that life is back to normal again. It has been a very hot and busy summer here in Spain and some nice weeks in Sweden.

Sweden - Spain

This summer I have been working alot with my new webshop with handmade items, made in London UK and now I’m back at my ordinary work. I have made a redesign of the website Camilla of Sweden that sells natural oils, made in Alingsås, made a redesign and some updates on Claudia Jewelry, that sells wonderful jewelries, released the new website for Rosaleda Fastigheter, real estate broker at Costa Blanca and released the new website Bemanningsjouren Sverige AB. Also been doing ads for Mas Amigos and now I work with some different clients and are designing marketing materials for autumn fairs and some new websites. 

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and have been building up some new energy for the rest of the year.

Wish you all a nice autumn!


All the things in my exclusive webshop are handmade and printed with my own digitalart design, from Bags of Love UK, London.  

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My webshop is filled with a lot of things.

Welcome in!


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