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Want to order some Mobile cases. Click here to see what I have!
Look at the video from Contrado – Bags of love production in London

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Here you find my Price and Product PDF for Bags of Love (in Swedish) Euro.
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MJ Vision – creative design is pleased to work with Contrado, Bags of Love, London UK to help you find clothes, gifts and items for you, your home, friends or other occasions. We have a lot of things for women, men, children or your home. They are handmade in London UK. 

Welcome into one of my stores!

OBS!  When in the Basket page at my Contrado sites, click on your back button in your browser to come back to my store. If you close the window, don’t worry, the browser will remember your order anyway. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here are a short video from the Contrado, Bags of Love UK production studios, where they make all my products from scratch with a healthy serving of love poured into each and every order!

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Designed mobile cases by MJ Vision

Designed Mobile Cases

I design mobile cases for all kind of mobiles with my art. You can see all mobile cases and approx prices on this page. Chose the one you want and fill in the form on that page for an estimate on the price or if you have questions.

Here you find my designed mobile cases
Designed mobile cases
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News from MJ Vision

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